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Everything you need to know about Mewsic Kitty!


Do I need a reservation?

No, you don't. We do highly recommend booking your experience in advance because we only accept a certain number of visitors per hour/event to keep things cozy for the kitties and humans, alike. Online bookings are by the hour, walk-ins are accepted by the hour and half-hour.


How do I book an experience?

Book in advance right here on our website! This is the link for all of our experiences and events right meow. If you have any trouble, please feel free to call our store during regular business hours at 615-891-2993.


What is a cat cafe?

It is exactly what it sounds like; a place where you can hang out with a room full of cats while enjoying a delicious hot or cold beverage and delightful pastry. Yes, heaven really is a place on earth.


Can I bring my cat?

Please do NOT bring your cat or any other animal. We would LOVE to meet your kitty but we have plenty of cats here. Feel free to show us pics. We love that!


Can I bring my kids? Is there an age limit?

Yes, you can and no, there is not right meow. We do and will always require anyone under the age of 18 have a minor waiver completed by their parent/guardian. We also require one parent/guardian per two children ages 14 and under.

We highly recommend considering all possible factors such as the potential cat scratch, allergies, and your child's temperament when planning your visit. We do reserve the right to ask any guest to leave due to unruly behavior such as chasing cats, pulling tails, or screaming because that's not nice.


Where do you get your cats?

All Mewsic Kitties come from our non-profit partner, Nashville Cat Rescue. We have about 18 kitties at a time and they are all adoptable!


Do the cats like it? Is it safe?

Mewsic Kitty cats love the cafe! Our kitties are our top priority. Each Mewsic Kitty Superstar feline is pre-screened to make sure he/she is healthy, happy, human-friendly, and a good candidate for cafe living. Safe? Well, as safe as it gets with cats. They do have claws and teeth, after all :)


Is Mewsic Kitty available for private events?

Absolutely! Birthday parties, bachelorettes, bridal showers - we'd love to be part of your next event! Please give us a call at 615-891-2993 or email to start planning.


Can I adopt from Mewsic Kitty?

Absotively pawsilutely! All of our superstar felines at Mewsic Kitty Cafe are in the market for loving furever families. Just let us know you'd like to adopt and we'll get the paperwork to make it official!


I found a cat/have a cat I need to give up for adoption. What should I do? Can you take it?

If you found a cat, you should make sure it does not belong to someone. Take it to a vet or shelter to check for a microchip for free. If the kitty is not chipped, file a lost report with your local shelter (you can still take the kitty home), post on Petfinder as lost, contact your neighborhood lost/found Facebook page, and check the lost pet listings on Craigslist.


If you found kittens without their mom, mom may be off looking for food. We usually recommend leaving the kittens where they are and waiting to see if mom comes back before taking them. Kittens do best when they have their mom around.


If you have followed the above steps and are certain the cat/kittens do not have a home OR you have a cat/kitten you can no longer keep:


Mewisc Kitty is not a rescue. Rather we act as a foster/adoption center. All of our cats come from our rescue partner, Nashville Cat Rescue so we cannot take cats from individuals. Nashville Cat Rescue specializes in taking in homeless kitties rather than owner surrenders but you may contact them to see if they have room. Message them on Facebook or Instagram @NashvilleCatRescue or via their website.


Otherwise, a few area rescues to try are Nashville Humane Association, Music City Animal Rescue, and Sweet Faces Cat Rescue. If no one has space, there is a group on Facebook called "Nashville Cat Welfare Coalition." They are a group of community advocates who are very dedicated and often find homes for cats when other places can't take them.


If you have to place them yourself - especially via craigslist or similar -, please make sure you charge an adoption fee, even if it's a small one. It's unfortunately true that bad things happen to free animals. Feel free to ask potential adopters about whether or not everyone in the household is good with getting a cat, whether they plan for the cats to be indoor or outdoor, if they plan to declaw, etc, to get a feel for the home they're going to. If you have cats you believe are bonded (should stay together), make that clear in your posting. It's purrfectly reasonable to ask that they stay together.


Thank you for being an advocate for animals and taking the time to save a cat's life!


Are you hiring?

We are a small business with a small team. When we do need to expand our crew, we usually post to our Facebook, Instagram, and via our mewsletter. Please feel free to send your resume/cover letter/anything else you think is important we know regarding your expertise/why you want to work with us to and we will keep it on file!


Do you need volunteers?

We love your enthusiasm! Please email with Volunteer in the subject line. Volunteer duties include scooping boxes, feeding cats, light cleaning, and cat socializing (playing with the cats!) Our non-profit partner, Nashville Cat Rescue, also takes volunteers. Opportunities include cleaning at other local adoption centers, fostering, and helping at adoption events. To learn more, please visit


Do you need anything? Can I make a donation?

We appurreciate your generosity! We graciously accept donations of unopened litter, new cat toys, unopened treats, or unopened Rachael Ray Nutrish brand cat food (we like to keep the food consistent for the sake of our kitties' tummies.) We are not a non-profit 501c3 organization so monetary donations to Mewsic Kitty are not tax deductible. We suggest monetary donations be made to our non-profit partner, Nashville Cat Rescue.


How much does it cost? Wait ... it costs money?!

Thank mew for asking. Cat Cafes as they go are typically not free. I mean, maybe one day UNICEF will get into the cat cafe business but until then, we're the people to see. Joe Dirt quotes aside (dig it?!), why, yes, your contribution of $12/person (1 hour) or $7/person (half-hour walk-in), helps us take care of the people who take care of the cats. It also helps us take care of the cats themselves when they demand primo food things, toys, beds, or destroy yet another piece of furniture. Yeah, we pay rent and all that good stuff, too, and $100 of each adoption fee go back to our non-profit partner, Nashville Cat Rescue, so please understand this is an adventure experience like no other with almost world famous cats that costs real life money to maintain and your contribution makes a difference!


Have a question that wasn't answered?

Contact our store during regular business hours at 615-891-2993.


Email . Please allow one week for a response.

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