Mewsic Kitty After Dark.

Adult Swim.

Happy Hour (Meower?)

Call it what you want,

the Mewsic Kitties

are up and ready to pawty with the big kids!



18+ only


We invite you to bring your favorite adult beverage (21+ only) and join us for ameowzing cat time - no kids allowed.


Play our board games, learn a new one, meet new friends, go on a first date, crochet, knit, read a book, make a cool instastory, snap some things, drown in a pile of cats, show us lots of cat pics, we love it all!


Check our booking page or Facebook

for upcoming special events!



(drink responsibly, etc.)


  • Must be 21 or older to BYOB

  • As always, guests who fail to obey the Mewsic Kitty rules may be asked to leave.

  • BYOB is beer or wine only.

  • We suggest that guests limit consumption to one or two drinks per hour.

  • Safety of our kitties is top priority. We reserve the right to restrict access to guests who are showing signs of excessive drinking.